Why Scanshare is NOT a Scary Monster


Well, we’re here to help change your mind and show you that Scanshare is an incredibly versatile, time-saving tool which is ideal for companies who want to address issues with their procedures and manage specific areas of their day-to-day administration. What’s more, it’s really simple for your customers to use and make changes to.


In a nutshell this is how Scanshare works:

  • Your  documents are scanned in, using the scanning technology on an MFP, or directly from a USB stick, print, email or other means of their choosing.
  • From there, the crucial areas on that scanned-in document, that the customer wants to use, such as name, invoice number, account number, address etc can be highlighted and made into easily identified folders and file in a place that they choose – so it works with their existing system.
  • It’s also really straightforward to make changes and have all manner of variations, which suit the customer’s requirements perfectly. What’s more, it’s very quick and easy.
  • Once a file is saved, noted and action is taken, the process can be moved on to the next stage, seamlessly.
  • The customer can see where the document is, at any given time, to see if there are any hold-ups in the process, and simple steps can be taken to get the task completed.

It’s a really simple concept. Scanshare is:

  • A cost efficient solution
  • An easy way to archive documents
  • An easy way to store and retrieve

It works with your customers’ key documents that are vital to the running of their business, making them money and keeping their cashflow running such as:

• Sales Invoices

• Service Invoices

• Client contracts – Leasing or Sales

• Client contracts – Service

• POD documents

Don’t just take our word for it

Scanshare is BLI’s “Best Pick”.

Buyer’s Lab Inc.(BLI) is an independent test laboratory which is highly respected in the UK and the USA. All manufacturers within the world of digital imaging equipment seek approval from the BLI and hope to achieve recognition in the form of awards in various categories which the industry trusts.

Scanshare has been thoroughly scrutinised, recently, by BLI who, after in-depth testing and analysis, awarded the solution with a Platinum Rated “Best Pick” Award.

Every one of your clients’ needs help with their workflow and this self-funding solution makes it all possible and enables you to offer a wider portfolio of services to your customer for the long-term. If you provide the workflow you are not just a hardware provider and you become an integral part of their business and form a more meaning relationship


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