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The sound barrier is broken: so far Vectron has installed more than 150,000 POS systems all over the world. The Vectron Systems AG ranks among the “Top Ten” of European manufacturers of POS systems. Be it an optician in Dubai or a fine dining restaurant in Derry, the opera cellar in Stockholm, a fast-food restaurant in Las Vegas or the Southampton football stadium, be it in the skiing area Arosa in Switzerland or on the Munich Oktoberfest, one of hundreds of branches of the bakery chain Wiener Feinbäcker Heberer, the BMW spare parts store, the airport of Prague or at Europe’s biggest hairdressing chain Klier: there and on many other places worldwide people rely on Vectron’s top technology and apply the stable, fast and elegantly designed POS systems or comprehensive trade solutions. Our dealers will be pleased to advise you.

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