Scanner and MFC hire

If you need a solution to an overloaded workflow then a long or short term lease from Insignia Technology Systems is the answer.

We supply many areas and companies in the UK with all their office administration leasing needs and hire or lease photocopiers, MFC’s and scanners. This gives you complete peace of mind while our experienced and knowledgeable technical team give you a detailed analysis of your workflow and provide you with an office rental product that matches exactly what you need.


Leasing is the flexible and easy alternative to purchasing your MFC or scanner and offers a set quarterly or monthly payment with no large initial cash outlay and means fixed rental payments for the term of the agreement.

In addition, scanner and MFC lease agreements allow you to upgrade at any time during the minimum period if your requirements change or technology moves on, again with no large cash outlay, only a new set regular payment. You can offset 100% of your machine lease payments against tax, compared with a maximum of 50% against a cash purchase.

As your supplier, we can arrange all administration and set up, providing you with an individually designed lease package for your financial needs and servicing requirements.

What are the benefits of leasing office machines?


There is no risk. If at any time you are unsatisfied with our performance or copier you can cancel your lease service and we’ll offer a buy out option

Everything is included: the scanner, all service, and parts -our lease agreements are supported by a full service agreement running parallel, so you know that during the term of the lease agreement the copier will always be in good working order and operational.

One payment a month. Simplify your accounting and eliminate surprises. Our leasing package includes all service, parts, supplies, and there are no finance charges.

It’s our problem – All service is included, so we fix any problem. If at anytime your equipment needs service we take care of the issue quickly and get you back on track. If it needs an expensive part we pay for it.

100% Tax deductible – There is no need to depreciate the fax machine. Simply write off all costs as a business expense.

Quality equipment: We only rent out high quality office machines that come highly recommended and are often used by large companies to do professional workloads.

Workgroup with d-Color MF2604