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Duratec EPOS S12 Special Touch Screen Bundle – ideal for start-up’s!

Only £995.00 plus VAT


POS system S12


When you sign up to bonVito’s Online Reporting 12 Month Subscription @ £40.00 per month – Paid 12 Months in advance.

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Vectron Maintnenance Contract July 2017

Vectron Support Contracts – Pricing

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Paper Curl Q & A with Olivetti Technical

Q: Is it always a paper quality issue that causes paper curl?

Technical: Mostly it is a quality issue but poor storage of paper, before it’s used, can create a few problems too. Paper should be stored in a dry location, away from the cold and damp. If paper is stored in older buildings then, sometimes cool air and rising damp can become a problem over time. It’s worth checking paper storage a few times a year, especially in winter.

Q: What paper type appears to cause the main issues?

Technical: We have had some known issues with some cheaply produced papers. We have also found a few problems with some coated papers when they are used for high volume tasks and over a long period of time.

Q: Is there a pattern to the type causing the issues?

Technical: Generally, we have found paper curl tends to happen more on A3 paper and is caused by the paper not being discharged properly.

Q: Have you had many people ask for advice about paper types?

Technical: We have been asked. In general, though, Olivetti systems are compatible with a wide variety of paper/media types and grades. However, we do not recommend a specific make of paper as there are complex quality issues to be taken into account, due to the different types of materials available. Ignoring these factors could lead to unforeseen problems such as mis-feeds, paper jams, poor quality print and copy appearance and even damage to the inner workings of a machine.

Q: Is this issue covered in the technical training courses?

Technical: Yes we talk about it in the courses we run and, in the case of the colour MFP range, we are able to point the Dealers in the direction of the Sales Guides, which do have a section on this subject.

Q: What other issues do the “wrong type of paper” cause?

Technical: The paper curls and blocks the exit unit and causes jams. There can sometimes be issues with toner not fusing correctly on coated papers so you might end up with unsightly banding or colours not being very strong.

Q: What would be your advice to Dealers to prevent this sort of thing happening in future?

Technical: We are advising dealers to check the sort of paper that is being fed through the machine, making sure that the correct paper type is selected, that the paper is positioned correctly and to run good quality A3 100gsm paper, where issues occur in A3. So far these checks have appeared to eradicate the faults.

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Olivetti Launch New Models 2016

Olivetti is delighted to announce the availability of its full range of new mid volume A3 full colour MFPs, the 25 page per minute (ppm) d-Color MF254, the 30 ppm d-Color MF304 and the 36 ppm d-Color MF364, in line with its on-going strategy to supply a wide range of excellent business and IT solutions and has been designed to offer significant improvements in certain key areas, over their predecessors.

Among these improvements are a large 9″ tiltable Touch Display, with increased touch sensitivity, for easy access to all features and to provide improved operation from mobile devices. The all support connectivity opportunities such as Google Cloud, Airprint and Near Field Communication to accommodate a range of phones, tablets and other Wifi devices and give users access to the internet without needing to be linked to a PC – the web browser is included as standard.

For compact machines the d-Color MF254,d-Color MF304 and d-Color MF364 pack a punch when it comes to paper handling. They feature a new optional Large Capacity Cassette that can manage up to 3,000 A4 sheets, a newly designed by-pass tray and new detachable paper cassettes to reduce paper jams.

The range is delivered with a standard 250GB hard drive and an additional hard drive can be installed to provide a real-time synchronised back-up system, which is known as Hard Drive (HDD) Mirroring. Authentication is supported via mobile devices for added personal security; proving that this new model has been prepared with confidentiality in mind.

What is more, these new models operate with reduced power consumption in Sleep Mode to just 0.5W, which reduces its TEC (Total Energy Consumption) by 7% over the previous range. A new ozone-free charger roller is supported as well more parts of these machines being manufactured from recycled parts.

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Do you want to reduce your office costs?
Splash of Colour_040815-page-001


Now available from the UTAX A3 Colour Range we can now offer you a Three Tier Billing System. So now we can cut your print costs by more than 1/2. Want to know more……..please contact us to find out.

Splash of Colour_040815

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Software Development Department

  • Name: Abdul-Aziz Idriss Sesay
  • Age: 28
  • Role: Software and Database Developer
  • Time at Insignia: 1 year 6 months


Hello my name is Abdul-Aziz Sesay.  I am currently a .Net and Database Developer for Insignia Technology Systems Ltd.  My role for the company is developing windows desktop applications and web applications that are connected to digital databases.  These software applications allow users to:

  • Organise large amount data.
  • Add and save new records.
  • Update information in existing records.
  • Delete obsolete data.
  • Create & print of digital reports.
  • Transfer data between computers and windows mobile devices.
  • Import and export excel spreadsheet into software databases.
  • Export Reports into PDF, Excel and word documents.

Our aim is and always will be to develop efficient and easy to use software for customers.  To achieve we design the software based on client’s user requirements and, we work closely with our clients during the development processes (contacting them via email, telephone and arranged face to face meetings).  We have currently developed a variety of software applications for a diverse number of customers.  Here are some of software we have developed.

  • Health and Safety Qualification Database Systems
  • Construction Vehicle Logistics System
  • TB Easy
  • Asset Management System


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Insignia Spring Offers

Insignia Spring Specials & Ex Demonstration Offers

Offers Copiers Spring Offers 2015-page-001 (1)



Offers Copiers Spring Offers 2015-page-002

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Brother Cashback


We have fantastic cash back promotions available from January to March, including:


Contact our sales team to place your order today to take advantage of our special promotions. Offer Valid unitl the end of March

PT-H300 £65.00 inc vat

PT-H300 – £20 Cashback or FREE PT-80H (worth £29.99 inc VAT)



PT-P700 £75.00 inc vat

PT-P700 – £25 Cashback or FREE PT-80H (worth £29.99 inc VAT)


PT-2730 £99.00 inc VAT

PT-2730VP – £30 Cashback or FREE PT-80H (worth £29.99 inc VAT)


 £90.00 inc vat

QL-700 – £30 Cashback or FREE PT-80H (worth £29.99 inc VAT)


£125.00 inc VAT

QL-710W – £40 Cashback or FREE PT-80H (worth £29.99 inc VAT)


 Contact us now for pricing  –


QL-L720NW – £50 Cashback or FREE PT-80H (worth £29.99 inc VAT)



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Utax BLI Summer Pick

BLI Summer Pick for UTAX       

Shrivenham 30th October 2014: UTAX (UK) is delighted to announce that three of their colour A4 models which support the HyPAS software apps system have received the Buyers Laboratory Summer 2014 Pick awards for Outstanding Solutions-Enabled A4 Colour MFP for Small Workgroups.
Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) is the imaging industry’s leading independent authority and provider of competitive intelligence, testing and reviews on multifunction (MFP), copier, printer, scanner and software solutions and products. It announces its ‘Pick Awards’ twice a year in recognition of the products that gave the best performances in BLI’s comprehensive suite of laboratory tests in the previous six months.
utax logo
The BLI judges picked UTAX’s colour A4 MFP models P-C2660i, P-C2665i and 261ci which were all launched earlier this year and are specifically designed for use in small to medium sized organisations and small work groups. Thanks to the smart HyPAS software interface, the hardware can be securely and quickly integrated into an organisation’s existing infrastructure with minimal interruption to its workflow.
According to the BLI judges, the HyPAS software interface in UTAX’s A4 MFP systems is a genuine distinguishing feature in the 26-30 ppm segment. Until now, the additional functionalities such as software customisation and ease of deployment were the preserve of far larger, more complex A3 MFP devices, and therefore not available to small and medium-size organisations using smaller A4 devices.
Other notable features:
  • Decreased power consumption
  • Lower TEC values
  • Technical update
  • Improved data processing
  • Private printing mode – requires user authentication at the machine
  • Increased efficiency
The BLI judges were particularly impressed by the range of integrated solutions provided by HyPAS. These include ‘Follow Me Print’ and Security packs plus the option to customise the software to meet an organisation’s specific needs to help optimise their workflow, save costs and reduce energy consumption.
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Olivetti Improves

Olivetti makes more improvements to its high volume range

The Olivetti A3 format d-Copia 6500MFPLUS and 80ppm d-Copia 8000MFPLUS are mono multifunctional systems offering outstanding productivity. These models are designed to handle heavy-duty copy, print, scan and fax workloads in environments shared by large workgroups.


The broad 10.1” colour touch screen can be raised and tilted, featuring ‘flick and drag’ technology, with a menu screen that can be customised to only show the main applications, for added ease of use.

The d-Copia 6500MFPLUS and d-Copia 8000MPLUS deliver network print and scan functions, as a result of considerable and enhanced memory capacity. The two systems offer 3 GB of RAM memory and a 320 GB hard disk. They also both offer fast network printing via 1000-BaseT Ethernet, duplex and single pass duplex scanning in colour as standard.

The standard Dual-Scan system enables simultaneous duplex scanning with speeds of up to 180 ipm with a useful “real-time” thumbnail preview to check it on the touch-panel. The standard controller can also be upgraded to support advanced scanning options including a PDF/A format that meets with legal archiving requirements and Scan-to Searchable PDF (OCR) and OOXML (Office Open XML including docx/xlsx/pptx) file formats.

Thanks to a high paper capacity of 7,650 A4 pages (with optional accessories), the two systems deliver impressive productivity, along with a useful tri-fold function (in A4 format) for printing letters or mailers – this does require the optional Finisher & Booklet Folder to be added though.

In addition, mobile devices (iOS and Android) can print directly to these models via a Mobile Printing App (requires Wi-Fi access). These machines feature the same optional Data Security Kits as the 45ppm, and 55ppm models, offering data encryption and data overwrite to protect the HDD. To minimise the impact on the environment, the print and copy density, of these machines, can be adjusted to reduce toner consumption and have been designed to use less power than their predecessors.

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